We Save Lives

Humanitarian and medical aid for people in need.

first aid
relief supplies

Saving lives in Ukraine – with reliable bandages for paramedics

Our emergency backpacks help school children seeking refuge from Russian airstrikes.

We support fire departments in Ukraine with reliable vehicles and modern equipment.

Doctors and paramedics save lives. We deliver medicines, medical equipment and ambulances to them.

“You are doing great things, you are sending aid supplies to the war-torn regions of Ukraine” – Bärbel Bas, President of the Bundestag | 9/3/2023
“We stand firmly on Ukraine’s side” – EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visits Ukraine Aid Berlin in Cafe Kyiv | 2/19/2024
Berlin's Senator for Economic Affairs Franziska Giffey at her reading on the second anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine | 2/25/2024
Ambassador Oleksii Makeiev with the Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin board members Oksana and Oleg Motus at the premiere of the documentary about our aid deliveries
“There is never enough support as long as this war is going on” – former boxing world champion, entrepreneur and Ukraine activist Wladimir Klitschko

Volunteers, non-profit and reliable aid work

Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin is a non-profit, humanitarian aid organization. We voluntarily collect donations in kind and money for aid projects and aid transports. With reliable partners, we bring relief supplies to the people who urgently need them.


Medicine for seriously ill children

Tuberous sclerosis leads to severe developmental problems in children. With the support of BILD hilft e.V. “Ein Herz für Kinder” we procure vital medication.

Help for the wounded

Our volunteer patient carers help wounded people from Ukraine through the German bureaucratic jungle. Spiegel TV accompanied them.

Campaign for bandages

Reliable bandages decide whether people live or die. Together with Jessica Berlin and the Leleka Foundation, we are bringing thousands of life-saving tourniquets to paramedics in Ukraine.

All information about the project
Fundraising campaign

Aid Projects

Mine detection and transport drones

There are invisible booby traps everywhere in Ukraine. Our drones detect the deadly danger and transport relief supplies.

Ambulances and Fire Engines

Emergency doctors and firefighters need ambulances they can rely on - we have already delivered over 50.

Help for the Seriously Wounded

Thousands return from the war with severe injuries. We look after some of them in Germany, and we help others with medical implants.

How We Use Donations

Use of funds

Full transparency

Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin has joined the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft by Tranparency International. We publish our income and expenses every year.

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Expenditure Since the Beginning of 2022

7.3 million euros

33 % Relief Supplies & Generators
21 % Medical backpacks & first aid kits
20 % Medicines & Medical Devices
10 % Ambulances & Vehicles
5 % Protective equipment
4 % Children's Aid
7 % More

1,300 tons of relief supplies

No matter whether you are a company or a private individual: your donations are in experienced hands with us.

Aid deliveries since 2014
Collection points, warehouses and logistic experts
Reliable partners in Ukraine
Food & Hygiene

5,615 📦 non-perishable foods
1,179 📦 hygiene & water filters

Technical Devices

2,240 📦 devices & laptops
841 📦 household items & tools


20,000 shoes
1,087 📦 clothes

Medicine & Vehicles

19,000 tourniquets
8,300 first aid kits
44 evacuation vehicles
23 ambulances
5 fire fighting vehicles

Help Now!

in kind

Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin collects food, hygiene products and bandages for transport to Ukraine. Our list for donations in kind shows what is urgently needed now.


We use monetary donations to purchase relief supplies and medicine at reduced prices. Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin is recognized as a non-profit organization by the tax authorities. We are happy to issue donation receipts.

Support refugees

Many people fled the war. If you would like to support refugees in everyday life, you will find information here in Ukrainian that will help you move forward together.