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In the Ukrainian city of Berlin there is a lot to be desired. We occasionally watch TV on this calendar, but they could not stand it.

In Berlin there is a lack of cultural assets and the program is open, but for the benefit of the people involved, this will definitely become a reality. We're trying to organize our own event, we've seen so many uninhibited situations.


The famous sports club "Moab" is offering tickets for new engravings, they want to enter the next big clock, inviting sports and engravings to football Hands and fingers widen to reveal new chapters and everything that just wants to savour.


How much does it cost in basketball? Open Gym projects in the Alba Berlin basketball team allow casual basketball training for young athletes and young people to take part in the competition.

Information sheet Open Gym (Ukraine)


The National Museum of Berlin invites visitors to Ukraine to attend their conference. It is better to learn about the collections of Perlini on display, but they still have to admit the museums to the master classes. For safe entry, please provide a Ukrainian passport but another document, I will explain the reason. For citizens of Ukraine to the third world war, the Ukrainian National Assembly also applies.

Proposals for the citizens of Ukraine
+49 (0)30 266 42 42 42


The game “Thinking outside the box” inspires, brings together and friends with people from around the world, without borders. When schoolchildren, creative and sporting enthusiasts learn from culture, they unexpectedly learn one thing at a time and destroy the evil.
+49 (0)152 236 231 74


The majority of visitors to Ukraine may experience severe medical complications in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and Energy has presented a package of Ukrainian information on the port Germany4Ukraine.

Enter phone numbers:
The number of swiss adjectives 112
Dezhurna medical case 116117
Emergency services control +49 30 19240

Постровая ЛІКАРЯ

It is not easy to find a suitable place in foreign cities. Explore the portals, three walks along the path and navigate through the known paths.

The deceased's wife, Lika, in Germany, is accused of treating medical problems. Uvaga: private consultations but payment requests do not enter the criminal record. The most common reason for this is that they treat patients with chronic medical conditions.

Medical reports indicate that you can navigate without complications. The winds partly imply a conclusion but the wind turbines invite you.

The lychee

Online consultations

Dodatkova information


The latest visits to the Charité Berlin are aimed at people who are interested in studying mental health problems, as well as at children and families. The consultations of people in Ukraine are an exciting process for the upcoming elections.

Clinic of psychiatry and psychiatry
Psychological consultations for people who live in Ukraine
Home about the search:

The presence of psychological resources for multicultural education
Home about the search:
+49 30 209 69 04 0 (German and English)
For the record, the Ukrainian parliament has announced

Psychological outpatient clinic Charité
The Ukrainians are said to have expressed their dissatisfaction with the wishes of the people, the people of Ukraine and another group of refugees. naselenna.
consultations for the citizens of Ukraine
Home about the search:
+49 30 231 12 78 9 (German and English)


The Ukrainians are said to have expressed their dissatisfaction with the wishes of the people, the people of Ukraine and another group of refugees. naselenna.

Gromadska organization «PlusUkrDe»
telegram channel for Ukrainian citizens to VZL


Are the windows open in Ukraine and are you guessing? At these sites you will find valuable information. According to the most important observations, there is also the possibility of a twenty-four hour wait. The organizing bodies direct you without reservation to the holding rooms. They trim the mass for sleep, sigh for relief, because they do not know the future direction.

Information about the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs


If you are looking for a cheap apartment, you want to know for yourself, we recommend visiting popular web portals without having to pay a fee and going to the municipal authorities. civic-communal production.

Before we can explain the situation, the victims of the murder in Berlin and the remains of many very different Nazi regimes must be removed. Shansi, knowing that the last straw could clearly be heard, could quickly steal the bread from among the Jews.

Proposals for the citizens of Ukraine
Real EstateScout24
United for Ukraine / Airbnb

Municipal health associations in Berlin
Urban and countryside
Berlin-Mitte Hospital


About Facebook Handicap Housing Ukraine You will find proposals for people with impaired mobility.

Special procedures for people with SMA (spinal myeloid atrophy) can be explained by:


The citizens may also visit Germany, as they have already said online payment for removing dust from the air. You can also get a refund on removing social benefits. The Federal Agency for International Cooperation in Robotics consults with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on behalf of the Federal Agency for International Cooperation in Robotics. Indeed, the brothers may confidently accompany the moving and integrated courses.

More information for you, what robot is

picture of Freepik


Avoid excessive consultation, because the robot I want to bring to Germany. The agent for the closure of the center will consult and train you on the procedures I have in mind. In conclusion, you should trim your belly fat for the child, bring your movements and see visible school, university and professional qualifications. Actually, the dog is attracted to the ground but the robot is afraid, removing the calves and immobilizing the calves. The consultations also call the Ukrainian and Russian people on the phone.


Can you orient yourself on the Nimbus ring and imagine how pregnant you can be? At the latest, telephone-free consultations but at the latest, Deutsche Bahn's employees are demanding that the robot be put in charge, and this information is provided by the German Federal Railways. rinok pratice. The consultations can involve German, English, Ukrainian or Russian languages.


Closer to the military, the Senate Department of Berlin proposes a resolution proving possible in the regional sector. It can be said that the rulers of the private schools but the schools of the rural areas, the rulers of the rural areas but the residents, licensing and hygiene professional or nurse.

Qualifications of the antechamber
More information and more details


Volunteer Vision is a social start-up that brings together companies with mentoring projects in the KSV sphere. Now we are proposing to the parents of the robots as/but not as the parents of the other children (A1/B1). Mentors are the representatives of our corporate partners who want to further develop the project.

Part for the childless child. Restratación for posilannya (divi. additions flahr). Vimoda App – access to the Internet via tablet/laptop/computer.

Flyer for the Volunteer Vision Information Service (Russian, English)
Restratsia (English)


At the school pop-up in Schoenebergs they want to learn the sound of Canicle. At 22 o'clock the sun sets, turns and fourteen from 9:00 to 13:00. The German woman also lives in the old age of uroki.

List of contact details


The volunteer agent ExChange Arbeiterwohlfahrt offers a 1:1 ratio in all of Berlin for rural areas, including the rural areas where the consulting centers are located. Indeed, AWO itself also proposes to organize events in the area.

List of data processing services in AWO
+49 (0)30 325 286 37